End of Season Stats

I’m sat writing this final blog of the season in beautiful autumnal sunshine, a rare sight it feels this particularly damp October. All month it’s felt like the mighty weather gods have had it in for us eventers, with rain specifically timed to absolutely annihilate the ground. I would say we’ve come to a wet … More End of Season Stats


I’ve come to expect a mid-season wobble given the events of previous years, but this year was particularly frustrating as it was totally of my own making. After our yard move in May I got a bit brave, and a bit ballsy which resulted up with me throwing Archie at some big fences. Unfortunately I … More Mid-Season-Itis

Mongolian Magic

We have Genghis Khan to thank for our recent trip to Mongolia which was, to use a much worn cliché, life changing. Rick has been addicted to historical novels his whole life, many of which centre around the empire of Mongolia in the 1200’s. His dream was to gallop across the steppes where those great … More Mongolian Magic

Secret Heroes

Eventing and Statistics. That’s a combination I would never have expected to write about in the same sentence.  Normally, to me, stats means complicated numbers, confusing statistical programmes which I pretend to understand (but I really don’t), and generally is a subject I try to leave to someone else. That was until I discovered Equiratings. … More Secret Heroes

Bold and Brave

Somerford Park is the kind of place that dreams are made of. Despite my usual 1 hour limit on travelling time a very persistent friend (thanks Vicky) convinced me last year that Somerford was worth the trip, and boy was she right. Inevitably due to being such a great venue there are usually loads of … More Bold and Brave

Lulu’s Story

Most days I feel a heady mix of emotions for this girl. I feel overwhelmingly sad for the past she’s endured, utter joy for the life she’s found, but mostly like I’m going to burst with the love I feel for her. Lulu’s story is one I feel I owe it to her to tell. … More Lulu’s Story

How Time Flies

Three years ago this stubborn Irish gentleman entered my life. It was among heartache and sadness initially as I was saying goodbye to Nike (who you can read about here; In The Beginning…) who was leaving for pastures new, and Archie was a very different horse in those days. He had potential no doubt, but he … More How Time Flies