Give It All You’ve Got


When I cross the finish line of a cross country course I usually can’t breathe or speak for a good few minutes, having put every ounce of energy into making it round in one piece . Archie on the other hand is significantly fitter and is usually fully recovered long before I am! This weekend we ventured out to a hunter trial at Osbaton, a good opportunity to get some cross country training in, particularly considering our recent issues. We tackled the 80cm and the 90cm course, putting us both through our paces and testing our recent work on control, straightness and skinny fences.

My delight at finishing the second round was evident in the fist pump I couldn’t help but give as we crossed the finish line without a single refusal in either round! That would have felt like an impossible feat only two weeks ago, but we are now starting to trust each other again. We are still on average of around 2 seconds off optimum time so we have a bit of work to do on speed, but that can come when we are both confident jumping clean and clear.

A huge thank you to Rick for being expert groom and photographer (again!) and Laura for all her endless hard work helping us with our jumping. Next stop a BE90, aiming for Shelford at the end of May.

I will leave you with a phrase that epitomises the challenges that horses (and life) throw at you; “Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got”. I know which one I choose…



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